Janelle Monae

When you hear Ms. Monae's music you are sure to get up off your feet!! Her Music is a beautiful mixture of Electric soul, pop, and  R&B which puts her in a class of her own. With her new role in "Hidden Figures", she shows no signs of slowing down.  


Natural and tatted

Expression, unique, and individuality are all words associated with both natural and tattoos. Natural hair shows who we are right down to our core. We all have different textures, colors, and lengths. It stands us out from all the rest. Tattoos also gives us a since of individuality. We express who we are through body art. It can sometimes mark times in our life that we hold dear, as well as save a memory we choose to never let go. The two meshed together can cause an even bigger effect. Freedom to be who we are was not embraced as much as it is today. We like to be different ,and won't hesitate to show how much.  Making a statement while being yourself has many of us a women feeling more bold, and confident. Nobody can argue with that!

Natural and Loving it!!!!!
We have taken natural hair to a new height!!! Now we grace the covers of many magazines and article pages giving notice to our kinky strands. We can not only tell our daughters its ok to have curly hair, but to also embrace it. It was hard to see barbie dolls, magazine covers and music videos with straight hair images that they couldn't relate to. A lot of young ones grew up thinking the only way to get long pretty hair was through weaves and extensions. Thank God for blessing us with our own beautiful, kinky, coily hair!! We can go from curly to straight. We can wear a number of different hair styles. Wash n gos, braids, twists, puffs. The list gos on. 

You are what you eat!!


We have all heard the saying, "You are what you eat". The saying holds true in so many ways. Eating healthy food come out through your skin pores, your scalp, nails and body. Most importantly you feel more energized and healthier! Try adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. Instead of snacking on chips and cookies, opt for more healthier snacks like dried fruits and nuts. You can also purchase little veggie trays from your local supermarket that has different types of dips that make it easier to eat. 
    Another way to get your daily fruits and veggies is to make your own smoothies and juices. This way you can get a number of fruits and veggies all togther in one drink. Using natural sweetners like honey can mask the taste of veggies you might not like. There are a number of different recipes on the net that you can try, making up your own is fun!!!


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