​Haircare tips and tricks

​Natural hair dusting

One of the most important things to remember in not only natural hair care, but any hair care, is to always clip your ends. Split ends can determine rather or not you retain a good hair length or not. If you don't trim or dust your ends at least once every three to six months the dead ends will split and breakage will occur throughout the whole strand. In order to keep the strand healthy you must trim it. Dusting your ends is when you trim about one half to an inch off. Doing this will help you to achieve longer healthier hair. 


All Tangled up

The most dreadful of things that must happen when you are natural is detangling the hair. If you are already natural  you know how much of a task this can be. The best advice about combing and brushing natural hair​, is to never ever comb or brush the hair while it is in its dry state. The best way to comb through your curls and kinks is to do so with a good slip conditioner. The conditioner will soften your coils and allow the comb to better go through without pulling or snagging your hair. Though conditioner will make combing easier, your hair will still have some shedding. Shedding of the hair is normal. We loose on an average about 100 strands per day. When you detangle the hair you should always start from the ends and work your way up. This will allow for less breakage.


Moisture Please!!!

Moisturizing naturally curly hair is an absolute must!!!! The best moisture you can give to your hair is water. Rather your putting water in a bottle and spritzing your hair, or if your drinking your recommended eight glasses a day. Water is vital to the health of our hair. Most products out today claim to moisturize the hair. The best thing to do when trying to find the best moisturizer is to look for water(aqua), herbal waters,or aloe vera juice as being the first ingredients. In order to retain moisture in your hair you must seal it in with a good oil. Some good oils to use are organic coconut,organic jojoba,and organic olive oil.



There are a number of different oils on the market today that help promote things from growth, health, shine, nourishment, and

balance to the hair. Essential oils can get rid of dandruff, itchy scalp, dry hair, excema, and the list goes on. Oils are also used to seal in moisture. Once you moisturize your hair, you would want to seal that moisture in and close the cuticle.

All about oils.......

How to detangle transitioning hair

The big transistion

Embracing our natural beauty is one of the most fulfilling things a women can do for herself. Women today are saying no more!!!! No more to the chemical filled relaxers!!! No more to the burning and breakage that perms can cause! We are saying hello to our kinky curly hair patterns and loving every bit of it. Going from relaxed to natural hair can be done in different ways. Some women opt to just cut it all off. This is known as the big chop. Some slowly cut away at the hair until there is no perm left. Others are not yet ready but want to put forth effort for the big challenge by wearing protective styles such as braids, and sew ins.

3 Transition don'ts 

- Don't use heat to natural hair to try to match the texture of the relaxed ends. This causes breakage and damage to the new growth.

-Don't keep the relaxed state of mind. Understand that what you did when your hair was permed is not what you would do as a natural.(I learned the hard way never to dry comb the natural hair.)
-Don't assume that your hair will look or feel like someone else hair. We are all different and no one God has made the same. This is also true for our hair.


Transitioning tips

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning the hair is a very important step in your hair care routine. Deep conditioning will make sure your hair is regularly getting the proper moisture and protien it deserves. Even though deep conditioning the hair may take time and patience, you must include it to ensure beautifull healthy hair. You should deep condition every one to two weeks.


Moisturizing conditoner


When your hair feels dry and brittle chances are you need to deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner. The best type of moisturizing conditioner has water as the key ingredient. Water is natural hairs best friend!! It helps our hair maintain its elasticity or ability to stretch. The thicker the deep conditioner the better.


Protien conditioner


Mushy hair that feels like wet moss and stretches a lot is a good sign you need a protien conditioner. Protien conditioners help to restore the strength of your hair shaft and rebuild structure. Hair that is chemicaly treated needs the use of protien conditioners a little more frequently than those that are not.


     Knowing the balance between both moisture and protien will help you to keep your hair strong, beautiful and healthy.



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