SisterNaturals started with three young ladies. Searching for the best products for their hair, Sherri Rose started testing her products out on her three girls. The product was the only one that would keep her girls hair moisturized! Now those girls have grown into teenagers that continue to use the product and are now the faces of the brand! Sister!! Are you natural!! 

Sisternaturals is a home based business dedicated in providing you with all natural and organic hair and body products.                                                                                                                               

Creator,Writer, Model,Optician, and Entrepreneur, Sherri Rose has her hand  in a number of things these days. Founder of SisterNaturals organic hair care products. She began her journey to achieving healthy natural hair organically in early 2011. Loving everything there is to do about natural hair and organic products. She merged the two and decided to branch out to women about the importance of taking care of their hair and owning it proudly!! She learned what made our hair thrive and grow naturally, and catered to that need. With her line of organic products from hair butters, conditioners, and shampoos to soy candles, organic soaps, and body moisturizers, she has taken  organic to another level.